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Let’s read the weekly horoscope below. GOOD LUCK!

PS: Please don’t forget to read your ascendant. Ascendant is more crucial than your Sun sign.

Aries: You are the luckiest sign on Monday. You will find love or if you have some problems in your relationship you can solve it. If you are worker, you may work hardly in the midweek. Don’t worry if you work hardly, you will get your prize in the future. You have to care your health in the midweek, intestinal problems may occur in these days. Also you should take care of your immune system. At the weekend, relationships and marriage subjects will become important. You will spend time with your partner or if you’re single, you can meet a new person.

Taurus: Family and home subjects will take your time on Monday. You will spend a time with your family or you want to make changes in your home. In the midweek, you are the luckiest sign! You are also lucky in love! If you are single, please go out because love is in the air! If you want to get a child but you have medical problems, you will try in the midweeks. At the weekend, some of yours will work at home! You will be very busy, please be patient. You are Taurus, patient is your second name. You should take care of your health, especially ovarian and kidneys.

Gemini: Happy Birthday! Your period will start on Monday. You feel the power in your soul. You will be very busy on Monday. If you are worker, phones and mails will never stop. You will focus on your family in the midweek. Some of yours will try to make changes in home decoration. At the weekend, you are the luckiest sign, congrats! If you want to do something, but you don’t have self-confidence for it please try, because you are very lucky! If you are single, you can find a new love. You can feel like a star, please use this energy! Good luck!

Cancer: Monday, financial subjects are on the top. Your income may increase or you will look up for new money sources. In the midweek, you spend time with your sisters/brothers or cousins. If you work in marketing, sales or communication sector, you may face carrier opportunities. If you work or not, this midweek is very busy for you. You feel tired please don’t forget to rest. At the weekend, you may plan to visit to your family or you can make a plan together. If your mother/father has medical problems, you may have good news about their health.

Leo: You may change your hairstyle or color. Monday mood is “you”. You spend time only for yourself and it makes you happy. In the midweeks, money issues will take your time. Maybe you want to earn more money than now, and may take an action. If you want to make an investment, this week is the good time for you. At the weekend, you may spend time with your brothers/sisters or cousins. You may want to travel with your friends; short distance journeys will be better for you.

Virgo: Monday mood is “melancholic”. You feel depressed or tired when you wake up in the morning. In the midweek, your energy will come back and you will focus on yourself. Maybe you ask yourself; “am I happy” or “do I need some changes in my life?” you will get the answers soon. At the weekend, you spend your time to think your financial conditions. For example, maybe you want to travel but you don’t enough money for it, so this week you will try to keep your money in your pocket.

Libra: You start on Monday very energetic. You will be very social, you want to eat outside or you call your friends to drink something. In brief, you don’t want to stay at home. In the midweek, your energy will change and you may feel depressed. You may remember someone in the past and this may hurt you again. Your ex may call or text you. At the weekend, your energy will back again and you may spend your time in beauty saloon. Both man and women you want to make little changes on your appearance.

Scorpio: Monday, your carrier subjects are on the top. You may apply to new job or you may get good news from your manager. If you applied a job in the past, the company may call you for the job interview. In the midweeks, you need to your friends. You spend time with them, and they will help you to solve your problems. If you are single, your friends may introduce you to someone! Love is in the air Scorpio don’t forget it! At the weekend, you prefer to stay at home. You may think the past and it makes you depressed.

Sagittarius: Your Monday mood is “I need a vacation”. You may plan a trip or you just call your friends to meet in the evening. But you don’t want to stay at home on Monday. In the midweek, you have the carrier opportunities, if you want to change your job, you can apply this week. If you do not work, you may want to start a hobby or something. At the weekend, you are the luckiest sign in Zodiac. If you are single, you can find love in social places, especially in your friend groups. You should care of your reproductive system.

Capricorn: The money is the key on Monday. You will think your budget and arrange your financial issues. You need try to find new money sources. In the midweek, you need a short distance journey. You may plan a journey with your friends. You may curios about the philosophy or astrology and you spend time to learn these subjects. At the weekend, you may think your future plans. For example, you may ask yourself this question “Am I happy with my job?”. If you want to change your job, you can apply on Friday.

Aquarius: Monday, marriage and relationship subjects are on the top. If you have a problem in your marriage or relationship you can solve it. If you are single but love someone, you may become couple with him/her. In the midweek, you will consider your debits. Maybe you spent too much in the past, now its time to decrease your expense. At the weekend, you feel relax and joy. You want to travel or plan a journey for the future. You may interest in astrology or philosophy, because you are Aquarius you always think differently. You can read or watch materials about these subjects.

Pisces: You have to work hardly on Monday. Everyone in the office will discuss your success. Good luck! You have to care of your health, especially cardiovascular system. In the midweek, your relationships are getting better. You may fix the problems with your partner. If you are single, you may find the love. At the weekend, you have to check your budget. Increasing of your expanse may affect your future plans. Please avoid spending too much money.

Best Wishes,


20.05.2018 EEDT -03:00

Istanbul, TURKEY

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